At-Home Glazes

Every woman needs a glaze. Think of a top coat for your nails when getting a manicure - this is what a glaze does for your hair. It is a simple but often overlooked step in the coloring process that protects the hair, makes it shinier, and helps the color to last longer. It can reinvigorate your natural hair color and get rid of yellow tones in blondes or brassiness in brunettes. A glaze can warm you up or cool you down, while smoothing the cuticle and making your hair feel amazing. Best of all, it's quick and easy to do on yourself at home.  The only question is which one is right for you: cool, warm, or clear? 

Which Glaze is for You?

Use the photos to the left and outline below as a guideline for which glaze to choose:*

- Blondes can be warm or cool depending on preference.

- Warm blondes tend to complement sallow and light olive complexions.

- Cool tones are best on those with rosacea or skin that easily flushes. 

- On your hair the warm will look like sunshine hitting your hair and is great for brightening old highlights, while cool will appear more beige and can remove yellow or brassy tones.

- Clear glazes do not impart any tone and only gives shine and smoothness to the hair. It is safe on virgin hair, as well as gray hair (Pro tip: a cool gaze on gray hair will remove yellow tones).

- Since there is a wide range of redheads, from natural copper to deep burgundy, we recommend that you upload a current photo of your hair so that your glaze can be custom formulated to account for the many nuances of red hair (please specify your preferences in the comments box).

- If you're still not sure which glaze is best for you, upload your hair photos and state your preferences.

*When placing your order, select the glaze from the dropdown window at the bottom of the page

How Frequently to Apply?

It is generally safe to use a glaze every two to four weeks. It is also a great way to refresh your color in between salon services. For example, if you come to the salon every four to six weeks for color, you can apply an at home glaze two to three weeks after each visit. Also great to have on hand while traveling and unable to see your colorist.

Glaze Kit Contents

Each at-home glaze is good for one application and includes:

- 1 container of your glaze formula

- 1 container of activator to mix with the glaze

- 1 pair of rubber gloves

- application instructions

Application Instructions
  1. Mix contents of the two containers together in a non-metallic bowl (be sure to use the entire contents of both containers).
  2. Apply glaze to washed and towel dried (damp) hair.
  3. Mush it around with your hands to fully cover the hair with the mixture, gently massaging the glaze into the scalp and through the ends, to ensure proper coverage.
  4. Allow to process for 5 minutes.
  5. Shampoo and condition hair.

Pro tip:  Don’t wash your hair for the next 48 hours so the cuticle can fully close when applying both base color and glaze. 

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